How It All Began


     Balz Custom Woodworking (BCW) , was founded in 1983 in the garage of the company's president, Steven A. Balz.  For the first two years the company's primary focus was on supplying high-end custom cabinetry and related accessories for a wide range of home improvement and new residential construction projects.  Word of BCW's dedication to quality craftsmanship spread rapidly through the local construction community, and in 1985 the company moved to its current location and started with a 2,500 sq./ft. facility and began producing cabinetry and casework for larger residential and commercial ventures.  It did not take long for BCW to begin to achieve the same level of success that it had previously enjoyed on a smaller scale. 

     Today, 28 years after starting in that garage, BCW has grown in many ways but remains focused on the small cabinet shop principles that paved the way for its sucess.  BCW has vastly increased its product and design knowledge and expanded its manufacturing facility to 10,000 sq./ft.  These additions have allowed us to purchase updated equipment and hire several new cabinetmakers with the ability, knowledge, and desire to help meet the needs of our loyal customers.  These improvements have resulted in a more efficient flow as a project moves from one phase of the production process to the next, thereby enabling increased productivity and reducing lead-time, without compromising the quality for which BCW has come to be known.  These loyal customers we speak of have come to rely upon the company's dedication to quality craftsmanship and superior level of service.

"Our customers demand excellent craftsmanship and superior service.  I feel that the repeat business that those customers have given us over the years is the single most important testimonial to the quality of work we provide."

                                      - Steven A. Balz-  President

      Ongoing expansion plans include future additions to the size of BCW's professional staff, and expansion of the sales area to include the Lexington, Elizabethtown and Southern Indiana regions.  Plans are already under way for the purchase of a new, even larger production and office facility.  No matter what changes the future may bring, Balz Custom Woodworking's dedication to quality craftsmanship will always remain the same.


Balz Custom Woodworking, Inc. BBB Business Review